Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marilyn Monroe is in Haugesund

There is a little known trivia that Marilyn Monroe, who is arguably the most recognizable movie star ever, is half-Norwegian. Her father is Martin Edward Mortensen, an emigrant from the village of Skjold, 20 km outside Haugesund, Norway. However, he abandoned his family early and he was killed in a motorcycle accident without ever seeing his daughter. This is why there is a statue of Marilyn Monroe in the harbor of the city, as created by legendary Norwegian artist Nils Aas.

I am a trivia buff but I did not know this. I only was made aware of this back story when I came to Haugesund. And to my pleasure, the statue even is located in front of Rica Maritim Hotel where I stayed.

For now, and maybe always, the sexy lady would sit on the docks. With her back to the ocean, she looks as if she’s seeking company. By design perhaps, the hotel hosts the Norwegian International Film Festival every year. That must be making Marilyn happy.


Marilyn is alone
the statue as seen from the restaurant at the hotel

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akanée said...

Hi, Farl. It's akane from flickr;) It's my first time to comment here:)
I'm a big fan of M.M, but I didn't know that! The statue is nice:))
And I love your photo below. Beautiful and tender colors!!
I also love your photos in this blog. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos and information:))

Anonymous said...


Cool to see you here!

I also did not know at first about the Haugesund connection. Such a pleasant surprise. I appreciate your visit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Marilyn did meet her father though. He owned a store in Riverside county, California and she patroned there in order to see him. He still denied her though. sad