Friday, June 20, 2008

Bali Arts Festival 2008- part 1

This year is the 30th holding of the annual Bali Arts Festival. Over the years, I’ve attended several of the performances and exhibitions of the month-long affair but I still haven’t had the opportunity to watch its grand opening parade. My timing, obviously, was shot. Not until this year.

Finally last June 14, I found myself on the streets of Denpasar. My close Balinese friends told me that it is their first time too to attend the opening meped as they’ve always contented themselves to viewing the proceeding in the television.

Part commercial, cultural and religious, the parade features the best that Bali can offer. Numerous seka or cultural groups put a spectacular display and studied performance to live up to its billing as the biggest and grandest cultural festival in Indonesia.

A lot of research, money and organization are poured into this grand opening parade. I expected colors, costumes and beauty and I got more. And so did thousands who braved the heat of the afternoon sun, including scores of photographers who jostled for the best angles and positions along the parade route.

Over the next several posts, I would feature the spectacle of the parade, if only to relive the excitement and relish the fulfillment of a wish that I long made a long time ago.


phototip: Shoot at relatively slower shutter speed to create action.

zooming in
phototip: Another technique in capturing action, especially in a fast moving parade, is to move the barrel of the lens while shooting at a relatively slow shutter speed. Zooming in or out the lens could enhance the perception of action.

at rest

smiling boy
phototip: A smile always trumps the harried expression.

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