Saturday, October 11, 2008

the Cacing Diaries #17

I am here in Indonesia. Just arrived yesterday. It won’t be until next Friday that I will be back home in Cebu. Meantime, I have to content myself with viewing the pictures I took of my daughter who is getting feistier and louder by the day.

Sure I would no longer have to wake up twice at night to give her a bottle of milk. No more interrupted sleep but somehow, I miss that. For now, I don’t have to race back home in the afternoon for her second bath of the day. No more wet splashes and soap encounters for now.

Intermittently in the next few days I will be out of internet coverage but my heart and mind (and yes, my cellphone) will be tuned home. I will be back sooner than you think!

wild hair
She’s lying on her back here, on her cradle, ready for a bath. Her hair is wild!

I need my robe now, please
With her long hair, she needs to be toweled off completely

I know something you don't
This is not the sharpest of images but boy, isn’t she sophisticated with toussled hair?

I can teach you something
Cacing can be bossy at times!

my first doll
This 2008 US Open doll is gift from my sister. Its her first doll but she still hasn’t taken to playing it.

Learning to play with her tongue, she keeps on sticking it out nowadays.

loving colors
She loves the colors of this restaurant and it shows in her face.

Kisses she loves.

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Anonymous said...

I love the tossed hair look! You have a good trip Farl ~michael

NasserChung said...

extremely lovely , you know farl , i smile everytime i see cacing's photos , she is very cute and so beautiful~

take care , and have a nice day