Friday, November 21, 2008

the Cacing Diaries #19

Nine months and 2 weeks


So you think Cacing is going ugly?

Naaah, she still is our pretty one. It’s just that on her own, she discovered something new: making faces. All of the sudden about two weeks ago, she took to scrunching her face.

It all started with her sniffling her nose, as if she had colds. Our doctor even thought that she has the flu but she was not feeling under the weather.

My wife has a theory. My wife kept on reading for her a children’s book which had pictures of babies with different expressions. One particular picture showed a baby with a scrunched nose in pure glee. Cacing kept on staring at it, smiling, and enjoying what she saw. And before we knew it, Cacing became the copycat. Then in a few days, we can see her snorting and sniffing and scrunching.

Maybe she’ll outgrow this stage. As adults we worry too much about crow’s feet and wrinkles. But not her. For now, Cacing is enjoying what she does best- being a child!


giving us the tongue

making faces

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ch.zwerg said...

This is so cute, thanks for sharing those moments Farl!

akane said...

Cacing is way too cute!! Adorable:))) I wanna play face making with her;D (We call it "niramekko", have you heard of it?)

Farl said...

christiane- I couldn't believe how fast time flies when you have a baby. Cacing learns a lot and we could not keep up!

akane- though it's my first time to hear about it, the term niramekko has a nice sound to it. making faces with Cacing is such a joy!

thanks to you both.