Friday, August 8, 2008

the Cacing Diaries #14


Today is a special day. It is the 080808 day and this happens once every hundred years or by other nitpicky account, every thousand years. So we tried to make the best of it. We went to the mall with my wife and Cacing. Then we visited Cacing’s pediatrician for her monthly examination and vaccination.

6 months

Cacing also turned 6 months a couple of days ago. We weren’t really able to celebrate the event last Wednesday as I just made it to Cebu after a weeklong business trip in Indonesia. I almost thought I would not make it as my Bali to Hong Kong flight was only confirmed the day before my trip way home.

My daughter is in her usual giddy self. Like any half year old, she is excited each day. It is discovery time all the time. Each sight to behold, each flavor to taste, each sound to listen, each texture to feel is new. Now we know she likes avocado. She takes to nibbling a stick of Pocky. Her favorite object to tug nowadays is hair- her mother’s, her nanny’s, anybody’s! She can readily recognize people already and much to our pedia’s surprise, Cacing rather prematurely has stranger anxiety. Too bad that includes our doctor as today, Cacing cried rather loudly at the sight of someone trying to examine her.

Definitely, she’s also getting wiser. Manipulation is no longer beyond her. It probably is dawning into her that she can get what she wants and nothing can get our attention than a flicker of a smile, or more effectively, the sound of her cry. One time last week, while I was away, my wife could not help herself but share her a nibble of chicken salad in mayo as Cacing gave her one of her pitiful imploring look. Disaster! Later that night, Cacing had indigestion as anything oily is still a no-no for infants. Poor kid- she cried for about an hour, sending her mother to a panic. I could not do much except accompany her in the ordeal by SMS as I was away in Lombok. My phone also could not get a call through. Good thing that Dia thought of hot compress on her tummy and it worked promptly. Suffice it is to say that it is one quick lesson learned.

As always, enjoy the Cacing pics!

enjoying the spotlight

my bib

Ayala girl

blurry smile


say cheese

the laughter

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