Monday, June 15, 2009

colors in the Joburg airport

Passing through the Joburg airport is always fun. I get a kick in browsing through the different tribal arts in display in the duty free shops, from beadwork jewelry to yarn needlework tapestries to carvings.

Out of Africa duty free shop
the Out of Africa duty free shop showcases a giant Nelson Mandela statue

7 foot Mandela in beads
a closer look of the 7 foot Mandela- all done in beads!

I have not gone out in Johannesburg although I was able to stay in Capetown for a week way back in 2001. Too bad that Filipinos need a visa to get inside the country so we opted not to get out of immigration and just spent the few extra hours inside the OR Tambo airport.

african dolls: b&w
South African tribal dolls are popular souvenirs

african doll trio
a trio of colorful dolls

In between some crucial work I needed to finish in my notebook and relaxing, I had an enjoyable time with my camera.

needlework: duty free shopping
a tapestry at the South African Air Baobab lounge features panels of yarn needlework

needlework: drinking
one section of the tapestry depicts drinking

needlework: arrest
another features what seems to be an arrest of a colored man by white officers: a political statement?

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