Saturday, May 3, 2008

Philippine Summer Destinations, part 1

The hot summer in the Philippines is enjoyed in the months of March to May whereupon domestic tourism will be at its busiest. Synonymous with sun, sand and sea, summer is vacation time, when school is off and people hie off to relax. In the next few weeks, I will feature in separate blogs several summer Philippine destinations, all of which are my own personal choices for the year.

Alegre Resort in Sogod, Cebu

Some 70+km north of Cebu City is Sogod, a quiet town facing the Camotes Sea in the east and rugged mountainous terrain in the interior. There amidst 27 hectares of undulating hills, beach coves and coconut groves is the exclusive five-star resort of Alegre. Meaning “cheerful” in Cebuano, as adopted from Spanish, Alegre takes its name to the hilt.

Canon EOS 350D Digital, 1.0s, f/13, 18mm, ISO 100, -2/3EV, w/ 1 ND0.9 filter
a secluded cove in Alegre Beach Resort, Sogod, North Cebu, the Philippines

Pandanon Island in Gitafe, Bohol
Getting there is adventure enough. The 1 ½ hours motorized boat ride from Mactan to Pandanon island is a cruise that begs the question, why are we bypassing the turquoise waters and white beaches of several picturesque islands that hordes of tourists trek to Mactan for? Upon arrival, you’ll know.

Canon EOS 350D Digital, 1/100s, f/22, 18mm, ISO 100
Pandanon Island, Getafe, Bohol, the Philippines

Siquijor Island, Central Visayas
The land of witchcraft the island of Siquijor is known. Known in the past as Isla de Fuego, Siquijor justifies its reputation of mystic by the annual congregation of witchdoctors and local healers every Good Friday solely to concoct traditional potions. Perhaps beknownst only by a few, Siquijor offers definitely more than a source for supernatural tales for children. The island offers virgin forests, expansive stretches of white beaches and a culture of peace-loving, religious and gentle people.

Canon EOS 350D Digital, 1.2s, f/22, 18mm, ISO 100, +1.00EV
the Princesa Bulakna Beach Resort, Candaping Bay, Maria, Siquijor, the Philippines

part of an ongoing series on Philippine summer destinations:
part 1 - Alegre (Cebu), Pandanon Island (Bohol), Siquijor Island
part 2 (the isolation series) - the sandbar of Bais (Negros Oriental), Inampulugan Island (Guimaras), Mambucal (Negros Occidental)
part 3 - (Pagudpud, Bantayan, Dakak)

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