Monday, January 26, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #25

In two weeks time, Cacing will be celebrating her first full year. Unbelievable how time moves swiftly! Excitedly, we are already planning the big day, conjuring ideas for the party decors, making the invites (origami card and envelope!) and embellishing her tutu dress. Meanwhile, the ever innocent Cacing just looks at us unmindful of our harried ways and unstressed of the approaching date.

behind a pink cloud
Hide and seek is still a favorite play
Canon EOS 5D Digital, 1/80s, f/2.8, 100mm, ISO 1600

Ever the innocent, she goes on her merry way. She still cannot stand on her own but, not that she stops trying. It is now easy for her to sit down from being on her stomach. She can cruise and walk along the railing of her crib. Being such an expert crawler already, she can also scramble on all fours – sometimes too quick for us and her nanny.

bloodthirsty, er choco-thirsty
Chocolate is probably her favorite food but we try not to indulge her too much
Canon EOS 5D Digital, 1/200s, f/2.8, 100mm, ISO 800, +4/3EV

She laughs and shrieks when in the mood. Her motor skill already are fine and she can easily pick up tiny objects with her thumb and finger, roll a ball and steal our eyeglasses off us.

I want that
She uses her finger to point what she wants
Canon EOS 5D Digital, 1/1600s, f/2.8, 100mm, ISO 800, +2/3EV

When I leave for work early in the morning, she waves at me bye-bye. Other command words that she now understands include “clap your hands” and surprisingly “hello” which is a take of us using the cell phone. To her, it means putting her left hand on her ear.

I love balloons
Cacing loves balloons immensely
Canon EOS 5D Digital, 1/50s, f/1.8, 50mm, ISO 1600, +1/3EV

Jargon becomes her as she conjures syllables out of nowhere. There are the dada, papa or mama, among other inventions. Obviously, you should know what our favorites already are.

Cacing likes listening to adult conversations
Canon EOS 5D Digital, 1/100s, f/2.8, 100mm, ISO 1600

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a65 said...

Greetings from Poland ! -Agata/poszukajki?

Farl said...

thanks for dropping by!

Farl said...

thanks for dropping by!