Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boracay and Willy’s Rock

It’s strange, incongruous and you have to admit it, almost downright ugly. But for the fact that the rock is just the only mass dotting the almost 4 kilometer world famous White Beach, Willy’s Rock is instantly recognizable.

Willy's Rock- blue silhouette
a blue silhouette of Willy’s Rock at late afternoon

Willy's Rock- day's ending

willy's rock north face
north face of Willy’s Rock

Obviously, it has to be the most photographed natural landmark in Boracay. By default let me add. Still, it is curious how the elements sculpted the volcanic outcrop in odd and mismatched forms. Today, it has a Marian grotto at one end.

photographing willy's rock
sunset rendezvous by the Willy’s Rock is popular

To go: Willy’s Rock is right across Station 1 of White Beach, Boracay Island. It is accessible by foot during low tide.

willy's rock sunse
a classical Willy’s Rock postcard shot

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