Thursday, May 21, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #38

going spicy and fishy in Klungkung, Bali

Cacing is slowly getting attuned to spice. It’s an unavoidable indoctrination given that my wife are way above mere tolerant of the heat of pepper. For sure, Cacing still can’t take hot dishes but she sure likes playing with them for now.

Dia fixing Cacing's hair
Dia fixing Cacing’s hair

Cacing in full smile
Cacing in full radiant mode

Cacing playing with her spoon
Cacing playing with her spoon

The scene of the crime here was the unassuming eatery in Klungkung called Warung Merta Sari. It was the week before Holy Week so we were looking for a place that offers seafood (we abstained from eating meat during this time).

Warung Merta Sari
the plain façade of Warung Merta Sari

It was my second time to dine here and for lovers of spice and fish this is a place of note. The restaurant seems to be always teeming with eager Balinese looking for a warm and spicy meal. And always, it is the locals who know best.

Warung Merta Sari- spicy string beans
a side dish of spicy string beans

Warung Merta Sari- sate lilit ikan
sate lilit ikan or minced fish satay

Warung Merta Sari- peanuts as appetizers
peanuts as appetizers

Warung Merta Sari- rujak
rujak, a traditional fresh salad in sweetened vinegar (note the chilis!)

The specialty is sate lilit ikan or minced fish satay which comes with a bitingly spicy fish soup. The sate is prepared and grilled the traditional way over live charcoal fire. Aside from the complimentary peanuts and a few side orders like rujak or vegetables in season, there is little else on the menu. As they say, nothing can compete with the classic.

cooking the sate over hot coals
cooking the sate over hot coals

Warung Merta Sari- the grill
the grill line

Cacing and the rest of us all agree.

To go: Warung Merta Sari is in the village of Pesinggahan, Klungkung, after the new Bypass IB Mantra. It is located before the temple of Goa Lawah.

Balinese feast
the warung is a favorite among Balinese especially those who pay homage to the Temple of Goa Lawah

rooster for sabung
an aside: across the eatery are these cages of fighting cocks which Cacing took a liking

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