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a Cebu favorite- the Kawasan Falls, part 2

continued from Kawasan Falls, part 1

Kawasan is a series of 10 or so waterfalls. In fact, before you get to the “first” major falls, you have shall pass at least two or three small drops and numerous brooks and streams. The “first” falls is spectacular. Easily the biggest and tallest at about 50 feet, it offers a broad and cavernous lagoon of cool and fresh river water. Cottages dot the easements, offering food, shelter and the popular bamboo raft that take you safely under the falls. (Don’t worry, life vests are provided).

Another 15 minutes of a rigorous climbing over narrow passageways and steep stairs between boulder-hewn canyons is the second major falls. Although not as tall or as voluminous, this second falls is really not just one but two waterfalls feeding into a deep and inviting pool. The embankments here are also a lot wider and more spacious that the first so there are more cottages more comfy for overnighters.

a minor falls
a minor falls right before the first major falls

For the more adventurous set, another reward waits if you went further upstream. The trail zigzags over trickier tributaries and darker overgrowths. At the end of perhaps a 30 minutes of brisk trekking is a wall of concrete dam with a voluminous cascade, which probably is operated by the small hydroelectric plant downstream.

the first major falls of Kawasan
the first major waterfalls of Kawasan

There were stories in the 80s of communist rebels operating in the border of Badian and Alegria so venturing beyond the mountains was discouraged. Today though, the New People’s Army threat is already gone but it still is advisable to get a local guide as going under the dam is difficult and circuitous. The Matutinao river system after all is 18 kilometer long and getting to the source in the Alegria mountains is an arduous journey but definitely, no less rewarding.

the second major falls
the second major falls

Kawasan falls
getting the falls without the people is difficult during weekends

To go: Badian is about 90 km south from Cebu City via the southwest Carcar-Barili highway. The Kawasan Falls is in Matutinao, which is marked by a modern church of the same name.

downstream rush
a stream feeding into the second major falls

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Great pics and info about Kawasan Falls, Cebu Philippines. It's a wonderful place to relax, swim and hike on weekends....