Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chinese delights in Kuta’s Furama

Over the years of travel, I’ve etched into memory the restaurants which never fail me when it comes to taste and experience. When it comes to Cantonese food in Bali, one of my favorites happens to be the most convenient too in terms of location. Just a few minutes from the airport, Furama is typical Chinese: little frills, fast service, and moderately price.

Kuta Furama
nighttime scene in Furama

steamed shrimps
my favorite craving: freshly steamed shrimps

bird's nest soup
bird’s nest soup

Furama’s specialty is seafood, which is obvious with the giant prawn sign on its façade. Amidst the stiff competition in the tourist haven that is Bali, Furama manages to stand out not just to me but to the many patrons that continuously fill the place without fail. It still is true, when choosing a restaurant, go to where people flock. The majority often can’t be all wrong.

steamed fish in soy
highly recommended: steamed fish in soy

mixed vegetables with tofu
mixed vegetables with tofu

chinese vegetables with garlic
Chinese vegetables with garlic

To go: FURAMA is in Jalan Raya Tuban 52B, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

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Tsang said...

Oh... the food looks yummy!!!

I love the shrimp, the vegetables as well as the bird nest soup

I used to buy bottles of bird nest soup like this as it is healthy and convenient:

Would you recommend this restaurant to foreigners? How can i get there via public transportation? Thx!

Farl said...

Tsang- I'd recommend this restaurant. It is easily accessible by public transportation as it's in central Kuta. I wouldn't be able to give you specific instructions though; but, taxis should know the location easily.

Anonymous said...

OK... taxi would always a good choice for me!!! I guess it won't be expensive cause it's not located anywhere rural....

thanks so much for your recommendation!