Thursday, August 6, 2009

soaking in the sun at Boracay

There could never be a dull moment in Boracay. Every summer, and even after that, the island teems with people, with local tourists hobnobbing with foreigners seeking fun and solace in the sun.

Here is a partial list of what one can do in the most happening beach in the Philippines:

1. Sunbathe. Most Filipinos probably would want to be fair and white like Caucasians but for the few who love the color brown, the wide white beach is open to all.


2. Lounge under the shade. A definite alternative for those who don’t want #1.

White beach umbrellas

3. Go boating. Explore the neighboring isles and coves of Boracay. One can even opt to go snorkeling or swim in beaches that are in the itinerary. Routs and rates are pretty much standardized.


4. Sail. Local boats called the parao spill all over White Beach waiting for visitors to enjoy the deep blue sea. For a few hours, you can feel oneness with the ocean.


5. Go diving. Premier dive spots abound in Boracay. Spot a manta or explore the wild world of the reef. SCUBA is for all ages.

scuba tanks

6. Cavort. OK, so this is totally for the immodest. But as they say, what happens in Boracay, stayes in Boracay.

cavorting lovers

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