Sunday, August 9, 2009

more wild krupuk

So you thought the krupuk here looks outlandish and different? I went back to the same store in Tabanan and my friend took out even more wildly colorful and gorgeously patterned crackers.

krupuk in pink and white

green and white krupuk

colored trim krupuk

violet and white krupuk

With patterns resembling onion-peels and shapes like extruded woven biscuits, the krupuk can be anything in Indonesia. Imagination has no limitations.

mesh krupuk

orange krupuk

multicolored krupuk

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Riz said...

they certainly look wildly interesting. when i was in indonesia, my eyes would always pop out and i'd grab my digicam whenever i'd pass by a store that's selling these colorful snacks. :P

June/Gumbootspearlz said...

Wowm excellent textures!!