Monday, March 9, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #30- the Sumilon Island adventure

It was the day after Cacing’s birthday party. We all got up early in the morning to head off to Oslob, some 125 kilometers south of Cebu, to the renowned Sumilon Bluewater Island resort. This would be the only out-of-town trip of my sister, who came to pay us a visit from New York. The trip also became Cacing’s first “vacation” away from home for the year.

The pictures, definitely, tell the rest of the story.

with Pooh
We brought Cacing’s favorite stuffed toy, the ever reliable Winnie the Pooh

1 year old, up close
Neither wind, rain, nor the heat stopped us from enjoying Sumilon. Actually, we were lucky as in the weekend of our visit, the sun was out shining.

Cacing heaved one contagious peal of laughter.

Sumilon Bluewater Resort_08
The hula girl in action. She still could not stand on her own, not that she ever stops trying.

loving the lotion
Cacing loves being applied with lotion. It probably makes her feel grown-up.

playing on the sand
We took turns holding Cacing especially in the seashore. She loves water no end, be it the shower, the tub, the pool or the big wide ocean.

with Dia at Sumilon
Among us all, Cacing had the heaviest and biggest bag. She came fully prepared.

flower drop
Cacing took the full breadth of nature. Flowers were there for her picking.

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Anonymous said...

Cacing is always smiling, isn't she? She seems like a happy baby. Maybe happy is not even the term for it. Delighted, is more like it.

Farl said...

she sure is a picture of delight, always!

anna said...

hi. did your package with the resort (sumilon bluewater island) include transfers to and from the airport? how was the food? thanks.

Farl said...

Anna- we have to go to their port at Oslob ourselves as the package we took starts from there. breakfast was included but not lunch/dinner. Food is not bad but is expensive, which is expected for a de luxe resort.

anna said...

thanks farl. how expensive is expensive?

Farl said...

anna- dishes range from 250-400 but sizeable and can be shared