Thursday, March 19, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #31

My apologies for my delinquency in posting new pictures of Cacing. I actually had way to many and selecting among them is a pain.

Cacing’s classic scrunched expression.

Malou and Cacing
with the Malou, during Malou’s birthday celebrant at Ching Palace, Cebu

Now that Cacing is a year old, we no longer have to mark her birthday “monthly”, which is a bit sad. I am nostalgic of the monthly frequency of the milestones that we await.

the little fairy at Vanille
the haute couture is made by an aunt of my wife

pretty islander
Cacing now takes to wearing necklaces and bracelets without tugging them apart

Talk about milestones, Cacing now has a lot more words in her vocabulary. Most of her teeth have already sprung out, which probably explains her behavior of sticking her fingers inside her mouth to soothe the pain. But she’s a brave girl.

loving the high chair
she is already comfy in a high chair at Alegre Beach Resort

Cacing no longer is the destroyer, picking things apart. In the past few days, she has learned to put stuff together, like putting bottles back into the tray or toys back into the bin. She also passes items to us too, unlike before when she only likes to keep everything to herself.

Cacing at Alegre beach
Cacing can’t swim but she is so unafraid of the water (at Alegre Beach Resort)

One thing that we are all anticipating is for her to walk on her own. To her credit, she tries everyday, traversing short distances by holding on to something. A step or two she can do and we expect that in a short time, she will just let go and then she’ll be all over the place. And the day is near!

fresh from her bath
blissful after a bath at Alegre Beach Resort

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