Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what I brought back from Davao, part 1

It is a given. Whenever we, Filipinos, go to a new place far from home, we are obliged to bring something back to friends and relatives. Last week, I visited Davao with family in tow. Of course I brought back the requisite pasalubong.

Lola Abon's special durian candy
By reputation, Lola Abon is the brand to most people in the know and this is what we got for both the mangosteen and the durian candies pictured here

There were big ticket items which we lugged, like fruits and pies and I would have to blog later. For basic giveaways though, locally made sweet delicacies never would be out of fashion. Of course when in Davao, the first candies that come to mind would be anything durian. Billed as the “king of fruits” notorious for its odor (sewer-like, they say), the durian somehow loses the telltale noisome smell upon caramelization. So at the one-stop complex of Aldevinco in Davao City, we got durian candy bars, yema and squares. We also threw in mangosteen candies for good measure.

Lola Abon's special mangosteen candies
the special mangosteen candies come in dark red violet colors, sweet in smell and taste

Let’s just say, we have lots of happy friends.

Minco durian cubes
We also tried the smaller durian cubes (Minco brand)

Minco durian yema
Custard candy is called yema in the Philippines and the durian yema of Minco is a heavenly confection

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PinoyApache said...

Yumyumyum!!! Gee, I love durian and mangosteen - fruit or candy. I liked your blog and I decided to follow and you as one of my links. That okay with you?

Farl said...

PinoyApache- oh of course. it's flattering in fact. thanks.