Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #28- 1st Birthday party (the site decorations)

For our daughter’s first birthday party, we chose a place close to home, convenient to most people and well-appointed for a kiddie event.

kiddie chairs, adult chairs

We didn’t even do much for decorations. Kiddie chairs and tables were set up in the middle of the hall, which also served as the play arena. We also flooded the place with balloons, about 240 in all, in pink and white, even though we were expecting only 60 kids. Our 5 home-made party pulls also came in handy as they became centerpieces for the hall.

the 5 party pulls

setting up the party pulls

Decorating the venues came out to be not much of a hassle after all. The party was just about ready after an hour and a half of work.

putting up the party pulls

240 balloons!

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