Thursday, February 12, 2009

the salak snakefruit of Indonesia

SNAKEFRUIT- named because of the reptilian skin of a peel which is almost brittle but easy to remove. Fruit lover that I am, I have to say I am passing over this one, with apologies to my Indonesian friends. Sweet, yes; but it is “apud”, as what we Cebuanos call that piquant, tangy, almost sticky residual aftertaste to the tongue. Endemic and perhaps unique to Bali.

Ever wonder why Filipinos lug all those bags and boxes in airports on the way back to the Philippines? At least 50% of that are “pasalubong”; or gifts from a trip to friends and relatives, as a way to share their luck of being able to travel. I am bringing this up because Indonesians also bring “oleh oleh”. And when in Bali, they bring back home a pack of salak.



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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't take a pass. When ripe they are sublime. The mouth feel is a bit odd, but the taste is so yummy. I'll eat a pile of these, though I'm still not "brave" enough to try fresh durian...