Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #29- 1st Birthday party (the fun begins)

By Filipino tradition, the first birthday of a child calls for a party so who are we not to follow the call? Cacing may have no memory of this day but the pictures, and this blog, will hopefully share to her the fun that was the order of the day.

To lead the affair, we hired a professional party host whom we know is quite adept in organizing games and entertainment for the kids.

bday party TLC_99_21

Most of the kids came in fairy tale-inspired costumes as did the host.

games galore

Always the photographer, I trailed the whole affair with a camera which was not easy as I had to greet and chat with the guests as well. Luckily, it was my wife and the nanny who took turns in carrying Cacing all throughout the proceedings.

blowing the candles

The five party pulls came handy in filling in more activities for the kids. The children definitely got so excited waiting for Cacing, assisted by my wife, tug the party pull boxes open and shower them with candies, toys and coins.

party pull fever

We also brought in a balloon twister. Eagerly the kids lined up for the balloon treats which came either as a dog, a sword or a flower.

bday party TLC_37

Face-painting was offered to the adventurous. Of course, we made sure that water-based makeup was used.

fairy costumes

As extra, we went for Filipino-inspired fiesta ambiance and arranged for vending corners to dispense cotton candy, ice drop candies and taho (sweet soy bean curd caramel).

enjoying the cotton candy

To check out more pictures of the party, visit my wife's photoset in flickr.

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