Friday, July 10, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #43

at Boracay, Aklan, the Philippines

It’s Cacing time!

I’ve made a resolution to post a Cacing entry once a week to clear my backlog of Cacing pictures. The photos here are only a couple of months old but Cacing is growing so fast that she may look quite differently today already.

smiling inside the Cebu Pacific plane
smiling inside our Cebu Pacific flight

posing inside the Cebu Pacific plane
posing inside the plane

Cacing with her Mom at Station 3 Boracay
Cacing with her mom at Station 3, Boracay island, Aklan

Cacing with her Mom at Station 3 Boracay 2
mother and daughter

When we went to Boracay last May, Cacing was just learning how to walk solo but now she zips and breezes too quick for us already. Her awareness of the world around her increases by the day. The games she learns and invents by herself take us constantly by surprise.

my Mom at Station 3 Boracay
my Mom at Boracay

Cacing with her yaya
it’s Cacing with her Yaya Jinjin

that’s my wife, Dia

Cacing's morning pose
it’s Cacing’s early morning look

And lovable as she is, Cacing keenly knows what she wants and tries to get it. If she were an adult she’d be manipulative. For today, she is just plain endearing.

ever the fashionista
foray at the church grounds of Balabag’s Holy Rosary Parish

my Mom enjoying the Boracay sunset
my Mom during a Boracay sunset (she’s 68!)

Cacing enjoying the Boracay boating
my daughter enjoying a boat trip around the island

Cacing at Discovery Shores
my mother-in-law, my wife and my Mom, with Cacing, after their massage session at the Mandala Spa, the Discovery Shores (talk about real splurge!)

Cacing strolling with her Mom at Station 1
stroll time with her Mom

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