Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pictures from Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa is just one of the many white sandy beaches of Zanzibar. Just about 40 kilometers northeast of Stonetown, the island’s capital, Kiwengwa is popular to the tourists – the village has at least 7 resorts – but more importantly to me, it also harbors a healthy concentration of seaweed farms.

almost horizontal
a coconut tree that stoops so low it is almost horizontal

Kiwengwa beach
the beach of Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa postcard
another postcard shot of Kiwengwa

It was high tide during my visit so instead, we just took in the view. Most notable in Kiwengwa are the tall and regal coconut trees. It seems that these trees are not harvested for their lumber as they now reach 50 feet, even more. The pictures, here, show how picturesque Kiwengwa can be.

Kiwengwa boats
fishing boats docked in Kiwengwa's natural harbor

Kiwengwa women
a couple of women in Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa 0609_07
a desolate beach

lugging bananas
resort staff lugging some bananas

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