Saturday, July 4, 2009

craving for Troika

You want to know my all time favorite chocolate? It is fabulous Nidar’s Troika from Norway. The description on the wrapper says it all: marzipan, truffle and jelly covered with dark chocolate. The combination, I tell you, is made in heaven.

I first tasted Troika in Bergen in 2004. The shiny red package intrigued me. One bite was all it took and I was a convert. Not much of a fan of almond marzipan paste, I was however floored by the mix of thin layer of soft jelly and the chocolate. I immediately bought several packs and over the next week or so after coming back from my trip in Europe, I finished my stash.

Troika package

The following year, I ordered some bars online and had them delivered to my sister’s apartment in New York just in time when I went there for a business trip. It’s been a few years since then but the chocolate’s wax paper wrapper I saved. Today, it is still lovingly pinned on my office corkboard as I know that it could be useful someday. Luckily late last year, a colleague went to Norway on a business and I only had one request: Troika. I ended up with three bars but they were all that I needed.

Troika- a piece of heaven

I still have one more piece that I have put in storage. I’m waiting for a special event to eat it. I can wait, for now.

Nidar’s Troika
Nidar AS, N-7005 Trondheim, Norway,, +4773 583333

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Anonymous said...

Haha, this is awesome ;) Troika is loveable!