Saturday, July 18, 2009

off to Tigwatian (Crystal Cove), Boracay

Crystal Cove. The name sounds commercial and it is. It is the popular name of the resort which occupies Laurel island which just 30 minutes by boat from Boracay. Blessed with the same sugar-fine white sand which makes Boracay a byword in world-class tourism, it is famous for its two caves, as well as its prime takeoff location for diving and snorkeling.

approaching Crystal Cove
approaching Tigwatian or Crystal Cove

boracay boat with red sail
the paraw- Boracay’s local outrigger boat

boracay boat with red sail

In our island hopping in Boracay last May, we only stayed in the island momentarily. Laurel island is formerly known as Tigwatian, an onomatopoeia of the sing-song chirp of an exotic bird. There’s another tale that the island is the home of the fairies too. Either way, and by any other name, the islet is enchanting.

boracay boat with red sail
behind the boat is Caticlan, Aklan

docked at Tiguatian

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