Monday, July 13, 2009

the Friday mosque of Kiponda

The Ijamaa mosque is large by the standards of Stonetown. There are at least 30 mosques in this old quarters of Zanzibar and this is one of the oldest.

Ijumaa Mosque at Kiponda
the Ijumaa Mosque sits in the narrow alleys of Kiponda, Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania

facade of Ijumaa Mosque
façade of the Ijumaa Mosque

Ijumaa Mosque door
the elaborately carved wooden door of Ijumaa Mosque

Known in Kiswahili as Msikiti Ya Ijumaa Mizingani, it was originally built by Sunni immigrants from Faza in 1831. Like most of the mosques in Zanzibar, it was simple and unpretentious. It underwent several renovations and expansions notably in the 1850s and the 1950s. In 1994, the Ijumaa Mosque was refurbished in a more modern arabesque style with geometric arches and ramparts with funds from Arabic states. A marker in the mosque proclaims it as the burial place of famous Muslim scholars in Zanzibar.

old lamp
an old gas lamp converted to electric

a small cube building across the mosque
a small cube of a building right across the mosque

Arabic marker of the mosque
Arabic markers in marble

rampart shadows of Ijumaa Mosque
rampart shadows of the mosque

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