Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bali classic: Moena Fresh Es Teler

Brain freeze! Somehow, I always fail to stop myself from consuming too much ice too fast that I get the a sudden momentary headache unannounced and irrevocably. But some things are worth the pain.

Denpasar Moena Es Teler storefront

Take the ice sundae. From Malaysian es kacang to the Philippine halo halo, I love digging into a treat of ice, fresh fruits, milk and sugar when it’s hot and humid outside. They are one of the best ways to beat tropical heat.

Denpasar's Moena Es teler

In Indonesia, the traditional ice desserts come in many varieties: es campur, es cendol, es tape, es teler and more.

behind the scenes

When in Bali, my favored ice dessert haunt actually can be found anywhere. I’m partial to the street variety and nothing fancies me more than sitting on my haunches digging into freshly shaved ice and the sweet condiments, never mind that I got my sundae in the old wet market of Badung in Denpasar or in a village in Sukawati

making the es teler

However a lot of people don’t have my street-trained iron stomach, so what’s a tourist got to do when the heat swelters way too much? Head to the nearest branch of Moena Fresh. This chain offers the traditional Balinese ice delights in a modern setting: clean, hygienic, fast and according to some claims, organic.

Moena Es Teler menu

In Moena Fresh, my recommendation is definitely the es teler. Thankfully, Moena Fresh stays pretty much with the old formulation: coconut, jackfruit, avocado, ice shavings (chunkier than the Filipino version), condensed milk and sugar.

Denpasar Moena Es Teler

Obviously, no one messes up with a classic.

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Margaharta said...

Hi Farl,.. right
I tasted nothing is more delicious than esteler in it. Thanks.. shared info