Thursday, April 23, 2009

It’s our second wedding anniversary!

Let me greet my wife a Happy Wedding Anniversary! It’s our second year since we walked down the aisle of St Yosef Catholic Parish in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia and pledged eternal commitment.

Two years and one Cacing later, here I am reminiscing the fateful day and what better way than publishing previously unseen pre-wedding pictures. As budgets go, I am no spendthrift. Throwing a wedding in Bali was costly enough – honestly, we estimated we would have spent more had we gotten married in Cebu but that’s another story – so we weren’t about to shell out precious rupiahs to a professional photographer in Bali, Indonesia’s most expensive city only to do all those corny and scripted poses.

Our thinking was, if we were to shame ourselves, we’ll do it at our convenience and our irreverent choreographed way.

So here goes nothing!

at our room in Ayodya Resort Bali
This was my best attempt to look pensive. I had the camera set on remote and took some pics at our room in Ayodya Resort in Bali.

at Ayodya
Same room but we made use of the bed’s gigantic headboard for drama. I think we sat on a pile of pillows to get a clean shot.

dining out in Frangipani (Bali Collection strip mall)
This was just a snapshot after dinner. I remember getting some curious look from other diners of the Frangipani restaurant in Nusa Dua’s Bali Collection strip mall when I set up the tripod.

inside the Moena Es Teler Denpasar
I guess I am too tall for the low-hanging bananas on display at the Moena Es Teler in Denpasar (photo by Ketut).

shopping for gifts at a watch store in Denpasar
This is another photo taken by my friend Ketut. Dia and I were buying wristwatches as gifts to my friend who opened his house for the lunch reception in Bali.

before Nasi bungkus stand
A feeble attempt of local color. We were buying nasi bungkus lunch packs when we had Ketut take the photo.

the fabulous Kuta beach
How could we omit the fabulous Kuta beach? We merely stopped for a few minutes and had Ketut take the picture and then off we went.

before a Saraswati procession at Seminyak
As luck would have it, in a short stopover in the temple of Seminyak, there was a Saraswati ceremony attended by some high school kids. (photo by Ketut)

at the foot of Pura Seminyak
I wanted to have a photo of us in front of a temple and this was the nearest one in the vicinity after our short visit at Kuta beach.

bussing at Warung Kartini, Kuta
The quaint Warung Kartini in Kuta was deserted so we played bussing lovebirds

posing with the Garuda
The giant sculpted figure of Garuda was too colorful and large for us to let it go. There was a couple of chairs too so who were we to deny the photo op?

also at the Mandarin Oriental
Also begging was the empty flight of stairs at the Mandarin Oriental where we stayed when we made the requisite personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta

posing at the Mandarin Oriental grand lobby
The lobby of the Mandarin Oriental became fair game for us too.

a corny version of the sunrise silhouette
This is a more corny and stiffer version of the sunrise silhouette

at a fabric shop in Kuta
Shopping time is posing time. Here in a sarung store in Kuta, we struck a pose.

at Warung Kartini
My knowing expression here still makes me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary again! These are wonderful! You guys look so cute! Dia is absolutely adorable Farl! I hope you guys are having a wonderful time! Sorry so preoccupied and a bit lost for words lately. ~Vericordia Michael =)

Farl said...

Michael- Thanks a lot. I've been quite busy too lately.