Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights, again

Weather was not cooperative. It was raining early in the evening of our 1-night Hong Kong stopover on our way from Surabaya to Cebu so the entire party had to move indoors. Our reservations at the swanky Rice Paper Vietnamese restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Gateway Arcade in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon originally was al fresco, on a wide balcony facing the River Ferry Terminal and overlooking a wide stretch of the Victoria Harbor. The vantage point was perfect for the Symphony of Lights.

Symphony of Lights from the Gateway

Nevertheless, I was in the company of friends and family. Dinner was animated. Conversations and jokes flowed. Food was not bad at all. Expensive but tasty.

Gateway view

When the clock turned 8PM, it time for the light show and we all gathered at the balcony. The sky actually cleared and beams of colors gradually filled the sky.

Symphony of Lights (bokeh version)

Clearly, recession has hit Hong Kong and the Symphony of Light show was not spared. Part scrimping and part defaulting, there was less light drama this time than when I saw it last year (check out the Symphony of Light part 1 and part 2).

light show

Not that the downscaling mattered to our daughter. Cacing had the time of her life, dancing with the flashing beams and bouncing happily with the music.

Symphony of Lights from the Gateway 2

With all our baby stuffs, I chose not to bring my tripod. I checked it with the rest of my luggage. This doesn’t happen a lot but I managed as these photographs hopefully would show.

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