Friday, April 3, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #33

she and her pearls

It took awhile but finally Cacing has gotten the hang of jewelry. She used to tug at anything foreign about her- earrings, necklaces, hats and headbands. Maybe vanity is dawning on her. These days, nobody can be insulated from the bombardment of what is beautiful, from the print advertisements, billboards, television and in the real world as well.

that half laugh
caught in a half laugh

pretty in pink
pretty in pink

dancing queen
the dress was made by my wife’s aunt, from leftover fabrics from a high school chum Sal Malto, a popular designer in Cebu

Well, we bought her some a string of pearls in Davao. You can see from here, how she likes it!

blurred but dreamy

that smile
that smile

laughing at herself
another homemade dress by her “private” seamstress

she's a lady now
in all yellow getup

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Stephen Baird said...

fantastic photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, in the Polo and Pearls she is sooooo ready for a power meeting just before a round of golf. Just the ensemble to be Chief Executive of something...

Farl said...

Stephen, David- thanks! I'm smiling at the power meeting thought! :-)