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the Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort of Samal

While the distance between Samal Island and the coast of Davao spans only about 2km, there are no bridges nor slipways. Crossing is by traditional motorized boats or big ferry barges for cars at the Babak wharf or by the quicker ferries.

chandelier of shells

An alternative is to go through the Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort which for a cheap fare of 15 affords you a convenient and fast turnover passage between Davao City (Sasa Wharf at km 9) and Samal Island. The resort reminds me a lot of well-oiled machine: operations are efficient to the point of being clinical, service is fast, logistics are thoroughly planned and seamless.

Sasa Wharf km 9
the Sasa wharf at km 9, Davao City

welcome to Paradise Island
the resort’s jetty at Samal Island

efficient, clear and clean
the reception area at the beachfront

If you wanted to partake of the beach facilities, the fee is P90 per person, inclusive of a table of your choice. This resort is as democratized as one can be. Even the food prices are reasonable and not at all bad (they inspect bags to make sure no one sneaks in non-snack items). Looking at how thick the crowd was during one weekend visit, the resort is highly popular to locals and domestic visitors. Of course, if you wanted a resort far from the madding crowd and with a decided air of exclusivity, then this is not for you.

welcome to Paradise Island
the beach

convenience store at Paradise Island
the sports and leisure convenience store

For all the pertinent conveniences, the Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort gives a feeling commercial congestion albeit in an ordered way. The beach line is divided into at least 3 segments, bordered and divided by stone-piled jetties. Tables can run up to 5 rows deeps and the beach at the time of our visit is relatively narrow.

an orchid at each beachside table adds a colorful touch

buko for sale
young coconuts for sale

While it may disappoint adult visitors, my daugher enjoyed the beach immensely. The sand is white, powdery and the waters are shallow and clear. Water is her element and it seems she cannot get enough. This,
for me, is reason enough to enjoy the resort.

Samal Paradise Island huts
the resort has 70 rooms for overnight stay options

string quartet serenade
serenade by a string quarted

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte 8000
tel +6382 2330251, 2341229, 3002343, fax +6382 2342926, cell +63920 9546780
boat Services 5AM - 5PM at km 9, 1181 Sasa, Davao City

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cagayan de oro resorts said...

This is one of the best places in Samal. The culture, the views, the beaches and the food is great. I always recommend this place to my friends every time they ask what is there to do in Davao.