Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cherry blossom time in Kyoto

In my only trip to Japan, I could not have a better timing. It was sakura time!

Sakura or cherry blossom viewing is a national obsession and no place in Japan is more renowned for the blooms than the noble city of Kyoto. And there I was in Kyoto in springtime.

sakura showers

I think I was a week or two ahead of the actual Sakura festival but I was not about to complain. The abundance of cherry blossoms always is a good omen of good fortune in Japan and seeing the showers and showers of pink made me feel blessed.


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Anonymous said...

sad to note that the timing is a bit out otherwise it would have been great shots really, next time maybe ya.

peenkfrik said...

Thanks for this post. Now I know what sakura means. ;)

Farl said...

I was in Kobe for a conference and there was only 1 day off for a Kyoto tour. Not bad all things considered.