Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Surf’s up at Pantai Seseh

In nondescript road in Canggu, Tabanan, lies the black sandy beach of Seseh which are regularly bandied around by surfers as a happening place. The dark volcanic sand makes it less appealing to the tourists who favor the white sand of Kuta and Nusa Dua but being left off the main maps means no crowds too. For locals in the area then, Pantai Seseh can be a quiet place to have a picnic, watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean and learn a surfing trick or two in the challenging waves.

wild surf
the surf can be wild in Pantai Seseh, Canggu, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

black sand
the beach of Seseh extends widely over Canggu

brave boats
strong waves do not deter traditional boats from plying the waters for fishing

Villas are just beginning to sprout but they are discreetly tucked away from the beach. Shops are few along the road and ambulant vendors are scarce. Maybe the beach isn’t something to crow about but in a place like Bali where space is a premium this beach is just a development investment away from commercialism.

one moment, the swirling sea can be peaceful

the next, the waves can come crashing with violence

For a beach only some 15 minutes away from the magnetic temple of Tanah Lot and extends by kilometers as far as the eyes can see, this can be certainly.

lone surfer
lone surfer waiting for the big wave

giant wave sneaking up on us
a giant wave sneaked up on us during group picture time

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