Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #37

at the Sukawati Art Market, Bali, Indonesia

There’s a certain window of time that Cacing will be in her full element, animated, alive and sparkling. It can’t be early in the morning as she is still gathering her bearing. Rule out lunchtime as she’d probably be sleepy, with 11AM her typical hour for a nap. You’ll also see her get cranky just before hitting the sack near 8PM.

with Ketut
Cacing being enamored with the bamboo chandelier. Here, she is with my friend Ketut

biker girl
Looking like a gangster moll on a bike

In our travels like the recent one in Bali, her biological rhythms were all thrown in a jumble. Lucky then that in Bali, our points of destinations were at least an hour apart by car and as is her wont, she quickly fell asleep from the white noise and the rocking motion of a moving vehicle as if they were lullabies.

as if she were in a shampoo commercial
This pose looks as if she’s in a shampoo commercial!

We have lots of pictures of Cacing in Bali. Here are a few that I took at the Sukawati Art Market. I tried to capture Bali - the wildness of the colors and the call of the exotic.

with Dia, shopping for Balinese housewares
with Dia, while shopping for Balinese housewares

shopping at Sukawati
surveying the stalls of Sukawati

Without a doubt though, the gem for me will always be Cacing’s smile.

her classical scrunched smile
Cacing classical scrunched smile is never far away

showing off her smile
Smiling for my camera again, while being carried by Mama Pingping (my wife’s mom)

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peenkfrik said...

very adorable smile... ;)

christine said...

I discovered your blog when I was researching about Pandanon Island in Cebu, and I'm hooked! Your photos are gorgeous!

Farl said...

peenkfrik- I agree wholeheartedly! :-)

christine- thanks a lot for the compliments.