Thursday, April 16, 2009

the charms of Candi Dasa

My memories of Candi Dasa are all pleasurable. Back in 1992, the black beach was not as crowded as it is now but the district already has reached a critical number of restaurants, cafes and hotels that makes it the most developed tourist area in East Bali. We’d often be in Klungkung for work and Candi Dasa was a logical spot to get a decent meal. The cool breeze, the hot volcanic sand, the pure village vibes were unbeatable charms that beckon the weary traveler.
traditional boats of Candi Dasa
traditional boats by the beach of Candi Dasa

the 3 islets
four craggy islets dot the coast of Candi Dasa, making for a surreal landscape

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa was definitely my former boss’ favorite place to hangout and we only were too glad to oblige when we were invited to join him for a late lunch. While I never got the chance to stay there overnight, Candi Dasa is still a lure and will always be in the years to come.
pavillion of Candi Dasa
public pavilions for those who’d like to spend some peaceful reverie

black beach
the beach of black volcanic sand

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