Sunday, April 19, 2009

the Cacing Diaries #35

Cacing in Surabaya

My travel in the first week this April was to be my first business trip abroad. So for about 8 days, all of us – me, my wife, my daughter Cacing, my mom and my wife’s mom –embarked on a trip to Indonesia.

the gaze
at times, Cacing can turn serious and lady-like like in this take at the Shang Palace, Shangri-La Surabaya, Indonesia

her version of the "flying kiss"
Cacing’s version of blowing kisses

To make it easy on Cacing, who is just about a year and 2 months old, we decided to slow down the pace and stay one night each in Hong Kong and Surabaya on our way to and from Bali.

3 generations at the Shangri-La lobby
three generations of women in my life at the lobby of Shangri-La Surabaya, Indonesia

Cacing actually held up well in the flights. Except for the final flight from Surabaya to Hong Kong which took about 4 hours plus when Cacing got bored and seemed to have trouble with the cabin pressurization, she was her usual ebullient self when awake. Mostly, she was drowsy. The monotonous drone of the plane’s engine probably reminded her of the car and during a drive, she always gets sleepy.

marching on
no one can stop Cacing from marching about even if she still could not stand on her own (at the Bandar Udara Surabaya International Airport)

queen of the world
she can be a show off

To kick off Cacing’s pictures of the Indonesia trip, I am publishing here her photos in taken in Surabaya. These are happy pics.

the pool rat
looking glamorous with a caftan over her swimsuit at the pool of Surabaya Shangri-La

with her lola
tousled hair becomes her

with my Mom
Cacing loves the water and it shows in her face

mother and daughter at the pool
mother and daughter at the pool

squeal of joy
squeal of delight

above water
me, carrying my daughter above water

big splash
a big splash

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Emcee said...

This reminded me of this article:

They brought along their 2-month old daughter to their vacation in Italy.

Farl said...

Emcee- that's such an informative article which I totally can relate too. thanks for sharing. I don't think we would survive traveling with our daughter when she was 2 months old. She was super touchy then and even had a minor bout of colic.